Responding to COVID-19

A Strategic Framework to Guide Business Action

Based on our in-depth experience in turnaround and performance improvement support, we have developed a strategic framework to assist businesses in working through their response to COVID-19.

In this report, we set out a 3-stage framework for responding to COVID-19, focusing on:

- Ensuring immediate business continuity

- Securing the near-term financial viability of the business

- Positioning the business for medium-term

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In this report, we take you through every aspect of our three-stage COVID-19 report

COVID-19 represents a formidable challenge to businesses of all sizes. Necessary policy responses have caused significant disruption to the global economy.

In this in-depth report, we explain our three-stage framework that has been designed to guide in formulating an action plan to address thbusinesses in we’ll explain the 10 winning techniques for prospecting, selling and closing that work in any industry.


A three-stage approach to planning your response to COVID-19


What actions to take to ensure immediate business continuity


Forecasting cashflows in a period of extreme uncertainty


How to take mitigating actions to preserve cashflow and secure the near-term viability of your business


How to position your business for medium-term growth